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The Ultimate Guide to Designing for Dark Mode: 10 Essential Tips

Dark mode helps with reading, staring at the screen for hours like we do, reducing blue light, reducing battery usage, and decreasing CO2 emissions. But most importantly, it looks good.


7 Best graphic design trends for 2024: 3D, Illustrations, & more

The graphic design field is a rapidly changing field and designers must stay updated with recent graphic design trends, the trends keep getting updated. Last year also saw a lot of trends coming and designers adapting the trends, every designer should keep an eye on what is trending in the outside world as it influences […]

Spacial Design

UX Laws: 21 laws for creating better design (with examples)

Designing a great UX is like building a house and to support the house you need solid foundations and pillars, in the same manner these UX Laws act as a solid foundation for the user experience! These laws are deep dive into user psychology of using a product, same user psychology determines if the user […]

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Core Principles behind a great UX design

Understanding user wants, goals, and motivations as well as their frustrations and pain spots is the main emphasis of UX design, which aims to create better, more efficient, more captivating experiences. Businesses may promote brand loyalty, boost user engagement, and increase conversions with the aid of effective UX design. What are the 7 pillars of […]