Redmi 12 C : 10 things to do after buying.

Redmi 12 C is bank for the bucks it offers solid performance for its price its packed with HalioG85 processor and 17cm HD + display that is vibrant and provide a good viewing experience, along with that the Redmi has a great service experience too.

Redmi 12 C comes with three combinations –

4 GB ram 64 GB ROM (Price – ₹8,698)

4 GB ram 128 GB ROM (Price – ₹9,349)

6 GB ram 128 GB ROM (Price – ₹9,890)

In this article we will be discussing 10 things you should do after buying 12 C

Note – 6th 7th and 10th tip are the most important tips from the list so don’t skip them.

#1 Set up google account

After you buy your new phone you must login from the same google account which you used on your old phone

Benefits of logging in from old google account on new phone –

  1. Contacts will be imported automatically
  2. Photos uploaded on Google Photos app will be available on new phone without transferring.
  3. Call details will be imported on new mobile

To transfer your photos from your old smartphone you can use android quick share app to transfer all your files from old phone to new one easily.

If you want to transfer your apps from old phone to new phone you can use play stores app sharing option to transfer apps securely without any risk. Tip – Avoid using third party apps to transfer your personal information, Contacts, documents and photos.

#3 Apply a screen protector

You might want to apply a screen protector to protect your screen in case of accidental drop to avoid screen damage and save hassle of paying 2-3k for replacing the screen you can just pay 200 – 300 rs for a good screen protector to protect your phones screen.

#4 Remove bloatware apps

Now Redmi has a bad reputation of adding unnecessary apps and bloatwares to its budget phones to keep its phone affordable. But pre installed junk apps takes up space and are risk to the privacy of the users as well so do uninstall all the unwanted apps from your phone.

#5 Add a screen lock

Make sure you secure your Redmi 12 C by adding password protection as well as fingerprint lock.

Go to Settings > Lock Screen > Screen lock

Tip – For better security always choose password as alternative screen lock method.

#6 Turn of find my phone

This one tip is very important tip and most of people ignore this thing and later bear the consequences.

Download Find my phone app from play store after that log in with your google account and keep your location on.

Most people keep their location off because it drain the battery to avoid unnecessary battery use keep your location on when you are out of your home or office, this way you can find your phone and save the battery too.

#7 Change default wallapers

Spice your wallpaper game with some good wallpapers and make your phone the way you want it to be.

List of great wallpaper apps for Redmi 12 C

  1. Freshwalls
  2. Tapet Wallpapers Generator
  3. Abstruct – Wallpapers in 4K
  4. Zedge™ Wallpapers & Ringtones
  5. Google wallpapers

#8 Update Software

Check for important Software updates once you start your phone and if there are new updates available do update them and then continue using your phone.

How to check for updates on Redmi 12 C 5G

First open ‘Settings’

Then scroll down and find ‘About the phone’

Now click on ‘Software updates’

If you have any software updates it will show up here

Click on update

Update will take some time, you can use your phone after the update.

#9 Check if the phone is refurbished or new

Now this point is very crucial you may want to make sure that you are the first owner of the brand new phone that you bought

How to check if your phone is refurbished or new?

Fist method is dial code method

  1. First open the dialer
  2. Now enter the code ##786# (##RTN#). In case if this does not work try this alternative code –  ##786#*# (make sure you do not add any other character or space after of before the code)
  3. After that the screen will show up, now check for Reconditioned Status”. Check if it says “Yes” or “No”. If the answer is “Yes,” your phone has been refurbished. If the answer is “No,” your phone is new.

Second is to check if IMEI no. of phone matches to the one given on the box.

By Hrushikesh Paygavhan

UX designer at Customer Capital. With 7+ years of Design experience, I belive in passing the knowledge to everyone. I help UX designers upskill themselves, and stay updated in the design field.

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