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How to Become a Product Designer in India | Product design is a key aspect of any product or service. Product designers are key players when it comes to designing researching and prototyping the product.

How to Become a Product Designer in India | Product design is a key aspect of any product or service. Product designers are key players when it comes to designing researching and prototyping the product.

To become a product designer, students can pursue B. Des (Product Design) or B.Des (Industrial Design). Product Design field tests your ability to conceptualize, Design, and be proficient in software such as CAD and Figma. Career progression can lead to becoming a senior product designer, and overseeing a team of junior designers.

Visualizing and designing a product that solves genuine problems is a well-in-demand skill and as a product designer, you will play a very important role in shaping a product the best way to cater to its desired user base. Product designers have complete control over the creation process. They are responsible for identifying the problems, characterizing them, and coming up with creative solutions.

Top professional courses on Product Management

Offering CollegeCourseWebsite
Indian School of BusinessISB Professional Certificate in Product ManagementVisit
Indian School of BusinessISB Product ManagementVisit
Indian Institute Of Management–KozhikodeGraduate Certificate in ManagementVisit
IIT Delhi – Indian Institute of Technology [IITD], New DelhiBachelor of Technology [B.Tech]Visit

After you complete the B. Des course you can choose to explore further scope in the fields like Industrial Design, Product Management, or UX design. Product design is not just limited to creating physical products, product design is understanding the whole aspect of both physical and virtual products. Some Product Designers cover the whole aspects of design, and some are specialized in one particular field. In this article, we will cover the Product Design field in India, possible career opportunities, salary, a Roadmap to becoming a Product designer, the required skillset, and more.

Product Designer

If you are keen to attention to details and design you might want to explore product design as a career. Product designers are responsible for creating the look and feel of a product as well as making sure the product is functional and easy to use.

‘The creative process is fabulously unpredictable. A great idea cannot be predicted’

Jony Ive, the former design head of Apple

To become a product designer you can choose a B. Des. degree as your starting point. Industrial product designers discuss their designs with clients and other coworkers and create 3D models of them for approval. The overall cost of designing is estimated by those who choose to become product designers.

Role of Product Development

The role of Product development enters from the identification of the problem to delivering a functional project to the end user, The Product design and development process involves a complete road map that starts with determining the problem statement to following up on the feedback.

Full product design road map

  1. Identification of a problem – What is a pain point that needs a solution or better alternative to the existing solution how can you make it better? Determining the set of people facing the problem and the user you are catering to.
  2.  Creating a questionnaire and conducting research.
  3.  Creating a prototype of the product – It’s not the final product but a step in that direction prototypes are trial copies for testing and finding error
  4.  Testing – Testing if your proposed solution is a good fit among the consumers and worth buying by the end user.
  5.  Build a road map – Setting a timeline for the development process and setting deadlines for the first public launch
  6.  Launching an initial product – Launching a product for users.
  7.  Taking feedback and making improvements – Listing to user feedback and making the necessary changes in the product shipping it and again the same thing over and over. Keep in mind that no perfect product is ever delivered in the first go.

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Essential skills of a Product Designer

  • Team Leadership

Product designers are creative wizards behind every great product you see in the store or on the internet! Good product designers involve great teams to deliver a great product that sells. Great product designers look beyond the design point of view. They make sure the product is aesthetically pleasing and works as per the user expectations, to make sure everything in the process is delivered on time, and to manage all this a product designer must have leadership qualities to set a goal and manage the teams. A single person cannot create a product on his own he needs a team to support his vision, a team that will help PD delegate the workload.

  • Designing

A well-designed product sells better than a poorly designed product even if both products are doing the same thing.

the law is called –

Aesthetic-Usability Effect

Users often perceive aesthetically pleasing design as design that’s more usable.

People who create a product or design a product invest some of their time searching for inspirations from the real world or the digital world to come up with the design idea. They must have a good understanding of CAD or sketching. The job of a production designer is to use sophisticated tools to translate the best concepts into precise drawings.

  • Work on Research

A good product designer has to compare other resources that match with tier vision to get more insight into the future scope and to get a rough idea of how the final output may look. Gathering resources finalizing design ideas researching good design ideas are all part of the process of creating a product. They need to do the groundwork and present the idea to clients or stakeholders.

  • Testing

A product designer needs to go through the prototype and make sure the product works as intended. They need to check the parts that are involved in the product The rough cost estimation is done by the product designer. They need to stick to the budget and not go overboard with the budget.

Steps To Become Product designer

If you have a creative mind and love solving real-world problems with your design concepts then this is a great field of work for you. A better understanding of product market fit is important to be a better product designer and to land your first job as a product designer you can follow the below-mentioned steps –

Roadmap 1 – this road map is for students who just passed 12th and are interested in Design (The whole degree route)

  • Understanding Product and design
  • Getting into a good design college
  • Doing side projects to sharpen your skills
  • Do internships for hands-on trial world project experience
  • You can attend some additional courses that provide certificates, but make sure you take such courses from renowned organizations only.
  • Create some projects and showcase them on social media
  • Expand your network
  • Create a compelling portfolio that provides a better idea about your skill
  • Start hunting for referrals
  • Keep posting your projects on social media, this will increase your chances of getting clients who like your work.

How To Become a Product Designer

Passing 10+2To become a Product Designer you need to attend Physics Chemistry Math as main subjects in 10+2. Always keep in mind that boards are not your goals here, your goal is to crack the Entrance exams so prepare for them while you are preparing for 10+2
Clearing Entrance ExamsHere are the three most popular entrance exams that you need to prepare for to get into a top design college in India 
UPES DAT – University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Design Aptitude Test
AIEED – Arch College of Design
DAT – MIT Pune 
Passing Bachelor DegreeAfter you complete your 10+ 2 you need to complete your bachelor’s degree. Most high-level companies prefer candidates who complete their B. Des degree from a well-known Design college.
Passing Master’s DegreeNow that your bachelor’s degree is done you can go ahead and apply for jobs. you have two options
Option 1: You have completed your degree you are eligible to apply for jobs and you can get one with a beginner package. After working for an employee, after you get some experience you can choose to continue higher education.
Option 2: Candidate can simply go ahead and complete the master’s degree without taking any gap and complete the degree and then apply for jobs.

Skills Required To Become a Product Designer

Core Design Skills:

  • Creativity and Problem-Solving: This is the core of product design. candidate needs to visualize and brainstorm ideas and develop and solution that provides value to its end user.
  •  Visual Communication: You need to learn how to sketch, 3d prototype, and master design software (like Adobe Photoshop or Figma) is very important to communicate your ideas visually.
  •  User Research and Empathy: Understanding your target user base and the pain points is essential for designing user-centered products.

Technical Skills:

  • UI/UX Design: Well it’s not like a hard and fast rule but, having a strong understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles is very helpful. This includes designing interfaces that reduce user friction and get things done better and faster.
  •  Prototyping: Creating interactive prototypes will help you test your MVP ideas with users and gather feedback before actually creating the final product.
  •  CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software: If you are designing a physical product a good knowledge of CAD software like SolidWorks, Fusion 360, or Rhino will help you create detailed models that will showcase how the product will look in the real world.

Additional Skills:

  • Communication: Product designers have to work alongside engineers, marketers, and other stakeholders. Strong communication skills are essential for effectively communicating your ideas and working with the team.

Bonus Skills:

  • Coding Basics: While not always required, basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, or even the basics of programming languages such as JS or Python can help understand the feasibility of the ideas and the whole technical side of projects.
  •  Soft Skills: Critical thinking, time management, and the ability to work independently

Career Progress For Product Designer

Early Stages (0-3 years):

  • Junior/Associate Product Designer: This is where you get basic experience. You’ll likely focus on one particular task rather than handling multiple tasks forex. UI design or user research, while learning from senior designers.
  •  Develop Core Skills: Sharpen your visual communication, user research, design, and prototyping skills.

Mid-Level (3-7 years):

  • Product Designer: Now you will have more responsibilities to take care of, you may have to lead projects and hire junior designers and interns as well. At this stage, you can improve your leadership and teamwork qualities.

Senior Levels (7+ years):

  • Senior Product Designer: Now at this stage, you will handle the whole design department at your organization, leading ways for junior designers and taking ownership of big high-stakes projects. This role requires strong communication and top-notch collaboration skills to make design decisions across the product development cycle.
  •  Management Path (Optional): Transition into a product design manager role, leading design teams and overseeing the overall design strategy. This path involves strong leadership and people management skills.

Advanced Levels (10+ years):

  • Principal Product Designer or VP of Product Development: Now you will be in the top management and make high-end design and product decisions that have high stakes involved. Every major design change will need to be approved by you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to be a product designer?

Most product designers at least must have a college degree from a design college although it’s not mandatory but is recommended to have a degreeyou can learn the skills online and showcase your work to employers as proof of your skills.

What is the salary of a product designer in India?

The average Product Designer’s salary is around ₹3,04,655/year. So, a product designer’s salary per month is ₹21,570. The skillset and the experience that you have also matter when it comes to salary.

What is a salary of a fresher product designer?

According to Ambitionbox – Product Designer salary in Bangalore / Bengaluru with less than 1 year of experience to 8 years ranges from ₹ 3.4 Lakhs to ₹ 25.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 14.2 Lakhs based on 1.2k latest salaries.

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