Font pairing to use while designing finance applications

What is font pairing?

font pairing is using two fonts for the purpose of effectively communicating the core intention of the design, a good pair of font makes your design more user friendly and effective!

Impotent factors to consider before choosing fonts for finance application


The font that you are choosing must be easy to read, avoid using fancy fonts, the font should reflect serious nature. Make sure you take care of both desktop and Mobile interface when it comes to readability of the typeface. read more


Banking and finance sector are serous businesses and need user trust so using fonts that communicate the trustworthiness to its customers. read more


Professionalism in typography is about using fonts that convey a sense of trust, credibility, and authority. read more

Font pairing principles

There are a few basic principles to keep in mind when pairing fonts:

Contrast: font must have enough contrast which distinguish body and title. Good contrast help user read comfortably without extra strain on eyes.

This is a example of good contrast –

font pairing contrast principles of font pairing

This is a example of bad contrast –

Examples of font pairing used in finance applications

Combining serif and sans-serif fonts is a good combination that can be used to produce a range of layout. As an example, you can use a sans-serif typeface for body text and a serif font for headings. This could help with the creation of a more dynamic and appealing design. Good examples of serif and sans-serif combinations are:

Using combination of Serif and sans-serif typeface if a good combination, this combination can be used to create good typography. lets take an example – if you use a sans serif typeface for body text and serif font for heading text. This can help designers create mode professional looking typography in your designs.

Check out some awesome examples –

Some common font pairings for finance applications include:

  • Serif and sans-serif pairing: This combination can be your go to pairing that can help you archive good quality designs. if you use a sans serif typeface for body text and serif font for heading text. This can help designers create mode professional looking typography in your designs.

Times New Roman + Arial

Georgia + Helvetica

Ramond + Open Sans

Cambrian + Lato

Montserrat + Montserrat Alternates

  • Mono spaced font pairing: If you want to create a more modern looking UI you can use this font pairing. Monospased fonts are evenly spaced character this makes them easily scannable and this can improve readability, make your text more legible, if you want to give a tech vibe toy your ui, you can go for this font! Here are some examples of Mono Spaced font pairing.

Courier New + Courier New Bold

Consolas + Consolas Bold

Monaco + Monaco Bold

Source Code Pro + Source Code Pro Bold

Roboto Mono + Roboto Mono Bold

Tips for using fonts in finance applications

Does and fonts to keep in mind while choosing font pairings for your finance application

  • Just use 2 fonts max and if you want something creative or out of the box one more font is ok, but avoid too many fonts it makes your design look unprofessional.
  • Use fonts that are used in your brand identity to maintain consistency.
  • Prioritize readability, legibility and ease of use, also keep in mind that not everyone has a good vision.
  • Use variable fonts to establish hierarchy, always choose fonts which have at least 5-7 variations.
  • Avoid using decorative fonts, as these can be difficult to read and may not be appropriate for a professional setting.

Check out some good examples of actual finance applications –

PhonePe : PhonePe uses a custom font Phone Pe Sans

PayTm: Roboto.

Moneycontrol: Lato


Font pairing is crucial aspect of design, a good font pairing can make your website look professional and cater to right audience as well!

A good research and creative brainstorming can help you decide what font suites best for the branding of your application! and if you are still not sure you can even create a custom typography for your brand, this can create your unique image.

Some additional things to keep in mind

The given tips can be savior when it comes to choosing right font for your website or application but if you still not sure, here are a few quick tips that can help you decide what font to choose –

  • Who is your target audience? Type of people that you are designing for, what is the age demographics and the intent, if its informational Centric or the user want to purchase the product.
  • The overall style and tone – Always make sure that you use the font pairing according to the nature of your application, professional fonts attract professionals avoid using childish fonts.

Important sources for more information

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