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7 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

It is important to make a mobile friendly Interface that target mobile users. Now if you compare Mobile interface and desktop interface it is easy to make desktop interface because you have more space to display the information, while on the other hand mobile have a really low digital real estate and to make use of available space efficiently and also present the content in user friendly manner is a task to accomplish!

Mobile interfaces are wildly adapted according to Statista

India had the world’s second-largest internet population at over 1.2 billion users in 2023. Of these, 1.05 billion users accessed the internet via their mobile phones.

Here are seven tips for making your website mobile friendly:

1. Use a responsive design.

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

A responsive design can adjust the size of the screen it is viewed on. This way the website can functional on any device. A fluid and responsive interface is industry standards and search engines like google also recommend having a responsive website ( read more on this topic )

2. Use large and readable fonts.

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices have smaller screens than desktops, so it’s important to use large and readable fonts on your mobile website. Preferable use font size above 16px to make sure your text is legible and readable. This will make it easier for users to read your text without having to strain their eyes.

3. Make your buttons and links large enough.

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Touch targets are the buttons or links on your website that users can click.

Your button or links must be at least 9mm in width which makes it easier for user to click the desired target and prevent accidental clicks.

4. Keep your navigation clear –

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Make sure you use simple menu layout to make the menu more legible and easy for user to scan, make sure you add few clear options to let user navigate through the website/app easily. Over-complicated menu will confuse the user so avoid using them.

5. Optimize mobile friendly image format.

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile users have limited data bandwidth and most of the internet users are on slow connections so make sure you use modern image formats like .webp, this will help the images load faster making the user experience better.

Use tools like Cloudconvert to convert your JPG files to WEBP

6. Use less text on screen

Keep in mind that your user wont read every single thing on the page, they will just scan the text information so make sure you keep the text crisp and short, avoid fluff and keep the copy to the point. Use small paragraphs to present the information in smaller pointers to keep the user engaged.

Explore concepts like Attention span and information hierarchy in more details.

7. Test your website on different mobile devices.

Now before you roll out your website, make sure you test it for all the available mobile devices, ensure the functionality and performance on all mobile devices. Use tools like BrowserStack or Sauce Labs to test your website on mobile devices and browsers.

By following these tips, you can create a mobile-friendly website that will give your users a great experience.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Always go for mobile first, keep mobile users in your mind before designing.
  • Use modern technologies, avoid outdated tech like flash.
  • Use good quality mobile friendly CMS, this will help better manage content for mobile users.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your website is mobile friendly and accessible to all users!

By Hrushikesh Paygavhan

UX designer at Customer Capital. With 7+ years of Design experience, I belive in passing the knowledge to everyone. I help UX designers upskill themselves, and stay updated in the design field.

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