7 Best graphic design trends for 2024: 3D, Illustrations, & more

The graphic design field is a rapidly changing field and designers must stay updated with recent graphic design trends, the trends keep getting updated. Last year also saw a lot of trends coming and designers adapting the trends, every designer should keep an eye on what is trending in the outside world as it influences people. So the question is what are the trends that are going to be popular in the upcoming year, to be honest, it is very hard to predict the upcoming design trends because there could be an exception but we can guess what could be the trends that we have to keep track of.

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3D –

what I think about 3d is it is ever-growing field designers can always look up to designing good quality 3d designs to attract more clients or get attraction or stand out as good designers.

What designers can do – 3d is a really interesting topic to consider, 3d can add a unique perspective to your creativity by adding a dimension. So, designer folks should practice 3d master 3d software i.e. Blender

graphic design trends

Memes –

this may sound out of context but memes have a great ability to attract customers, memes are a form of entertainment brands can attach their brand with trending memes for better reach so memes are a great medium to attract the audience

What designers can do? Staying updated with trending memes, and making memes with the brand message behind them is probably a very important aspect of the design is creative and quirky thinking. Follow meme pages try making memes share them with your friends and family WhatsApp groups try collecting some reactions.

graphic design trends

Unique Illustration –

Illustrations are hand-drawn digital paintings and can be a medium of getting attraction you can use illustrations instead of images to stand out. Designers can do more with illustration designers can bring their imaginary words onto the canvas, and later tools and software can do much more than just drawing even in this age of AI designers can create stunning illustrations and art.

Retro vibe

with tons of modern graphics which may feel boring designers can explore a retro style of design which can feel retro and a remastered version of 19s,

What designers can do? Designers can research 90s trends designs take inspiration from them and try giving out a 90s vibe to their design meanwhile keeping your modern way of delivery intact.


Type –

Typography plays an important part in the design, a good use of typography can help arrange your content efficiently which indeed makes content more user-friendly. Modern typography is the key to good design and will be more relevant to the upcoming year too.


in the age of Augmented reality and virtual reality we can’t ignore the fact that AR will take over design by storm, as more and more companies adapting to AR/VR designers have to look for this trend as it will gain more and more popularity in upcoming ages, companies such as meta is investing heavily on VR and planning to develop VR platforms.

(Bonus tip) Breaking design rules – breaking old design rules and making your own, but make sure your message will get delivered to your audience.

Conclusion – in this blog we have covered about the upcoming design trends in 2023, this trends may change as the time goes by

So these are seven upcoming design trends in 2023 I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and if you did make sure you check out any other articles about graphic design you can subscribe to get blogs directly via mail.

By Hrushikesh Paygavhan

UX designer at Customer Capital. With 7+ years of Design experience, I belive in passing the knowledge to everyone. I help UX designers upskill themselves, and stay updated in the design field.

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