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13+ AI and AR app design ideas for UI UX Designers 2024

If you want to design an AR or AI application mobile platform can be a great platform to start. The mobile app market is trending and if you as a designer or developer want to make the most out of the trend the public interest towers the AI and VR.The increasing scope of the mobile […]

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Healthcare color palette: how to create a quality healthcare app UI

Healthcare color palette: designing a Healthcare app can be intimidating, in this article we will be discussing what color psychology to use while designing the Healthcare App? What Font combination to use while designing the Healthcare App? How to design a app that is easy to navigate and use for patients?

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Unleashing the Potential of AR & VR: 6 UX Principles for Augmented Reality

AR has been gathering popularity in the last few years, with increasing the scope of Artificial reality, the demand for skilled AR VR user experience designers is also higher. To make the most out of AR and VR industry you need to learn a few key concepts about AR and VR design, especially the user […]