UX Psychology

How to Design Interfaces That Evoke Positive Emotions

Introduction Design that evoke positive emotion is created by the use of design elements that evoke positive emotions in users mind. This effective method is useful while creating more engaging and memorable experiences. When we design interfaces with positive emotions in mind, we’re not just trying to make users happy. We’re also trying to create […]


7 Powerful techniques to design great quality buttons!

The main thing about designing button is making it look that we can click on it. Adding some fain dark color will not do the job, a button needs to pop out from the background and significantly different from other elements such as text fields and boxes.


Font pairing to use while designing finance applications

What is font pairing? font pairing is using two fonts for the purpose of effectively communicating the core intention of the design, a good pair of font makes your design more user friendly and effective! Impotent factors to consider before choosing fonts for finance application Readability The font that you are choosing must be easy […]