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13+ AI and AR app design ideas for UI UX Designers 2024

If you want to design an AR or AI application mobile platform can be a great platform to start. The mobile app market is trending and if you as a designer or developer want to make the most out of the trend the public interest towers the AI and VR.
The increasing scope of the mobile market is followed by the increasing no of designers and developers in the field to take a pie from the hype around AI and VR. However designing and creating an app is not a cakewalk, there are different steps involved in the process.

Design thinking involves following steps : Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test

AI and AR app ideas for businesses 2024: Here are some innovative app ideas in the field of AR and AI

  1. AI-Powered Personal Assistant
  2. AI-Enhanced Shopping Assistant App
  3. AI-Guided Fitness Trainer App
  4. AR Historical Exploration:
  5. Storytelling app for kids:
  6. AI-Powered Medical Diagnosis App
  7. AI-Powered Mental Health Companion
  8. AI-Powered Food Recognition:
  9. AI-Powered Event Planner:
  10. AI-Powered Virtual Fashion Stylist
  11. AI-Assisted Cooking App
  12. AI-Powered Travel Planner App
  13. AI-Enabled Virtual Home Decor App

1. AI-Powered Personal Assistant

An AI-powered personal assistant that reads e-mail manages schedules, handles bookings, and takes meeting notes.

This AI app idea for 2024 is mind-blowing, Imagine having a personal assistant that Makes sure that you never miss a thing, whether it may be a task or an impotent meeting, you don’t have to worry about scheduling meetings checking emails every once in a while, keeping track of your screen time and makes sure that you don’t spend much time on your phone. Just like your mom ; )
Not just office stuff but things like analyzing health and sleep data to recommend a healthy schedule, Helping you maintain your work-life balance, and reducing your screen time! Help you focus on the most importent tasks.

AI-Enhanced Shopping Assistant App

Most users face the problem of finding quality products online and to do so they have to invest a lot of time into the process, of choosing a worthy product, moreover, the fake reviews on products listed online raise huge trust issues making it hard for users to find genuine good quality products.
An AI app that analyzes all available listings from trusted sites like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart (India), and so on to find the best deals on the given price range, which red flags all the fake comments, price history of the product, and giving you best options which you can go for without any second thought! Imagine how much time it will save for you.

3. AI-Guided Fitness Trainer App

In 2024, the demand for fitness trainers is booming, since most things are one tap away from the user, the lack of exercise has been increasing the risk of obesity, heart risks, and many more. To avoid these people need a good trainer, but an experienced trainer costs a lot and an AI-powered Fitness Trainer App can help solve this problem saving you lakhs of rupees.

A coach who regulates your diet and watches your calorie intake suggests you better exercise based on your eating habits. Setting new fitness goals for you to keep you in good shape.
If your AI app can recommend people the appropriate diet and if you link the AI shopping app that we discussed earlier, which suggests which products to buy to keep you fit, this way the ecosystem of AI apps can help people actually make life peoples life easy.

4. Historical exploration app

Imagine an app that takes you places without you actually moving outside of your house.

You must have seen any Historical place like the Eiffel Tower or Pyramids and be like “I wish I could visit them” ” but you can sort of visit them with a VR headset from the comfort of your home! This fascinating idea if executed correctly actually has a scope of making a big impact. Along with the visuals, if you integrated the back story associated with the monument, your app can actually gain popularity among users.

5. Storytelling app for kids:

With rapidly growing image and text generation tools, creating content has become effortless!

This app idea is an untapped market with a lot of scopes, kids nowadays are hooked to mobile screens but the content they watch has no value to it, a storytelling app that generates a script, creates images and voice-overs, and merge all of this to create high quality educational videos that are both information rich and fun to watch.

This mobile app will understand the age and generate the stories according to the maturity level of the user, This app will need parental control to get started, parents can set the time limit for the listening times for their kids!

6. Medical Diagnosis App

Designing an app that helps you self-diagnose by analyzing symptoms and using intelligence to find out the actual reasons, along with forwarding the data to an actual doctor who can then analyze the symptoms and the given result, this way the result will be accurate and the AI model will also get trained.

Along with the diagnosis, the app will also suggest the nearest expert who can treat your symptoms,

Disclaimer – Always remember AI is a work in progress and always consult a real doctor in case of a health emergency.

7. Mental Health Companion

With the increasing number of people on social media, mental health issues are becoming more and more common.
You can help people who are in trouble and seek help, a companion that helps people who are suffering from mental health issues. Creating a healthy diet plan helps create a positive world around you, starting digitally!

8. Food Recognition (AI-Powered)

App that can detect the dish from the photo, also give a recepie for it!

Ever seen a mouth-watering dish online but don’t even know the name of it? Well to solve this problem you can use the capability of AI to recognize images and suggest the recipe too.

9. AI-Powered Event Planner

Event planners can charge around 1 lac to 25 lac, with more and more people willing to spend more and more money the market of events will rise as time passes, it’s a highly profitable market –

According to Mordor IntelligenceThe event planning industry is growing, with an estimated value of $1.5529 trillion in 2028. The US party and event planner industry reached $5.6 billion in 2022, up from $4.08 billion in 2021.

You can tap the market by creating an app that can check the prices of the suppliers, and venues to suggest the best deals, along with that you can check the demand and supply in the particular cities to determine the prices.

10. Virtual Fashion Stylist

What if you have an app that can check your body type and your overall looks to suggest a particular fashion that suits you and makes you look a better version of yourself, you can check if the dress that you are going to buy will south on you or not by checking if the chosen color pallete matches your skin tone.
A style guide created based on your budget and your preferred aesthetics to enhance your appearance, An app that just does not suggest a style but actually checks online for similar-looking dresses for you to order! Saving users time effort and money.

11. AI-Assisted Cooking App

An app that suggests recipes of dishes with the available groceries,

Imagine you are starving at midnight and most of restaurants are closed, you don’t know what to cook. Click the Photo of the groceries available and an app will create a dish that can be made with the groceries available. giving you detailed instructions so that you don’t mess up while cooking your last hope (no pun intended).
Along with that, this app can also suggest random dishes from around the world to prepare with detailed recipes and videos on how to make it also telling you how much money it will cost you to make the dish.

12. AI-Powered Travel Planner App

According to the latest research study, the demand of global Tourism Source Market size & share was valued at approximately USD 615.2 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 652.3 Billion in 2023 and is expected to reach a value of around USD 986.5 Billion by 2032

source –

You can also take the pie out of this industry by using an app that helps people plan trips on their own without any agent, by using ai which can scan the web for best travel solutions for that particular location, making a list of hotels with best organic ratings and suggest best activities to explore for that location. making an estimated budget for you.

13. Virtual Home Decor App

An app that can scan your home and suggest better-looking decor to make your house better looking.

A stylist in your pocket that takes a great look at your house and virtually shows you the best decor for your home, an app that first checks the aesthetics of your house and creates a color palette suitable for your home.


AI and VR are technologies for the future, and if you are thinking of designing an app for your portfolio.

By Hrushikesh Paygavhan

UX designer at Customer Capital. With 7+ years of Design experience, I belive in passing the knowledge to everyone. I help UX designers upskill themselves, and stay updated in the design field.

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