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10 AI tools for UI UX Designers | 10X your productivity with AI tools

AI is here to stay and the big question is not should we be afraid of it. I think the one who can use the AI tool can improve their workflow and design better & fast. Its about how you as a UI designer can start leveraging AI. AI is developing rapidly and making progress as the time passes and be more accurate in terms of output that’s why we’re going to take a look at 10 tools that you should be using or should keep your eye on.

How can UX designers use AI?

Keep updating innovating, learning, solving problems that bring revenue for business use AI tools for your benefits. Take basic foundations and Ideas from AI tools and build upon it.

Keep in mind that the AI model that we will about in this article are not completely accurate and still work in progress so make sure you do not rely on them completely, review the output and apply your general intelligence to check the accuracy of the results and modify it accordingly.

Tools explained in the articles

Fig Jam AI

the first AI tool that you should be using right now every single day as UI and or ux designer is fig Jam AI Figma has integrated artificial intelligence into their tool but only in the Fig Jam space so far so we can open up fig Jam which is a tool that we all know and love that we can wire frame in or we can do user flow diagrams we do all sorts of fun stuff but what we can also do now is head up to the top leftand section of fig Jam open up AI drop in a prompt like a flowchart for a mobile banking app login and sign up flow press generate and watch fig Jam do the magic of creating the diagram for us this is all the Manu IA and that detail oriented stuff that we have to do as UI and ux designers but don’t really want to do.

Fig Jam AI makes it really really easy again just skipping a lot of monotonous work.

Next up is a tool brought To Us by Pablo Stanley and his team this is Mushu and it’s where user interface meets artificial intelligence it allows you to get 80% of the way they say as we’re designing landing pages and

Screens I can jump into figma open up the plugin drop in prompt like a Podcast landing page with episode list and newsletter sign up and hit generate and Mushu is going to instantly start building this one page landing page for me all right Mushu is done doing its work we could actually just close it out take a look at the landing page that it designed for us in maybe 30 or 40 seconds.

It’s telling us it’s gotten us pretty close everything is built inside of Figma in Auto layouts everything’s really really structured and it doesn’t actually looks so bad we got newsletter sign ups latest episodes a nice big hero image in the header and if you don’t like that sure you can update it and change it but this is a great start the designing websites and interfaces using AI it’s only going to get better I think so you should definitely check out Mushu.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT it’s very helpful for writing copy and building user personas generating all sorts of user research for our projects. We can definitely come right in and do the simple thing which is prompt it to write us some copy for a podcast listing page or landing page and all the sections included.

Chat GPT is going to spit out that content if you’re not using chat GPT generate basic copy ideas and Kickstart your creativity with words then you should definitely jump in and start using chat GPT.

Chat GPT can help you create compelling UX Microcopy that elevates the user experience and adds a creative touch to the User experience too.


Next up let’s talk about some image generation options I still think to this day the best image generator is going to be MidJourney which operates inside of a Discord but pretty soon we’re going to have the ability to prompt directly in the tool but look at the types of images it can make you can browse through you can

you can Midjourney search prompts you can upscale these zoom out you can do all sorts of amazing stuff mid journey is just getting better and better and again it’s still to this day in my opinion one of the best if not the best image generating tool AI driven on the market right now but if we’re going to talk about image generation as well as a lot of other cool things that AI can do,

Adobe’s Firefly

adobe’s Firefly AI technology can be very very helpful for UI designers. This AI technology can allow us to generate text to image we can do generative fill we get cool text effects if we want to do something unique and interesting in our interface this is not a bad option because we can also do inside of things like illustrator generative recolor text to manipulate and text to vector graphics which is pretty awesome.

You’re able to insert some pretty amazing unique and different illustrations if you’re tired of searching the web for illustrations you might just want to use something like Adobe Firefly and all of this can be immediately accessed through the free tool that is Adobe Express so definitely check out those tools and how you might integrate them into your workflow.

Font Joy

Font Joy is going to create really interesting unique and cool font pairings it’s not just guessing things randomly we can generate some cool font pairings and if we really like something that we found looks good we can dimply lock the choice of font. You don’t have to do anything just click on generate and the tool will create an instant font pairing for you.

Sanchez font I can lock it and that’s actually creating almost a prompt that’s saying hey we need to generate something interesting based off of our locked selection.

How can I find a pairing fonts for a particular font?

If you have a font in your mind and want a font that can pair better with that font, for example you want to use Poppins as heading but confused as which font shall I choose for subheading or paragraph text? Simply click on the customize icon and choose the Font of your choice, for this example we have chosen Poppins it will suggest us which font we can pair with Poppins.

Color Mind –

Likewise color mind is also a color palette generator that is a driven allows you to generate really cool and unique color palettes and then we have a bunch of cool Associated color palettes down below you actually jump over to each of the individual colors and tweak and change them again, you can lock them in like this and keep generating and it’s going to use AI in the background to make those decisions for you and make your job selecting and building color palettes just that much easier but that’s color mind again links check it out.

All right now we’re going to get into into some gray area and Troubled Waters as UI designers will we or will we not use interface Builders.


UIZARD a lot of people love this a lot of people hate this but you’re able to enter in a prompt again like a banking app of some kind choose some prompts down here and then instantly generate your project and there we have it pretty quickly within about 60 seconds or so is generated the exact prompt we gave it a certain style and Direction, now we can continue to re prompt this change it tweak it but this is not going to be your final design. It has gotten you a pretty decent way. you can zoom in and see that this may not be your cup of tea as far as designs go but it is already all prototyped together and it gives us a pretty good idea of the type of elements we might find.

You may like this or you hate this again pretty controversial for a lot of user interface designers. Right now a lot of people think that maybe a tool like this is going to take their job I don’t think UI Zard it’s going to take your job but I do think it might Kickstart some of that creativity save you some of the hassle.


Next up is another tool that has a lot of UI capabilities as an AI driven tool and that is Visily when we go indis we actually have an entire section in their designer dedicated to AI driven techniques and tools one of them that I really really enjoy and we’ll just show this one is the sketch to design beta that they have going on right now I can actually click that and we can get some sample sketches or I could upload one of my own but I’m able to maybe have a hand-drawn sketch I had laying around and I can upload that and it is going to do the work of turning that from low Fidelity into a high fidelity design. just like that within a few seconds it actually has editable input Fields it’s tried to honor that sketch as much as possible is it perfect, it have potential I think so you might be wanting to keep an eye on Visily.

I don’t even have time to cover today that are built into their AI section like theme generators and low-fi to high-fi and screenshots to design, it’s able to do some really cool stuff don’t be scared check it out.

genius AI

Last one on the list is actually not even out and in production but you can get on the waiting list if you are interested and that is genius UI this is a way for you to actually generate UI components on in both imagery and code both the design file and the code simply by using chat GPT so we’re going to harness the power of chat GPT, GPT 4 to generate UI components and when they say components I don’t know much about it but it does seem like is GeniusUI spitting out actual function and code as well as the component itself so kind of interesting kind of cool to be using chat GPT maybe in the future to design and not only design but instantly code those components is that going to be part of our daily

workflow I just don’t know at this point but it can sign up if you want to for the waiting list to see what happens with this one and that’s it that’s 10 tools you can either be using or keeping your eyes on

Can AI replace UX designers?

Some new designers are in a panic state if the AI tools that are coming in the market will take up there job but the thing is for now AI is far from perfect. AI is trained on already available data it lacks the quality of imagination and thinking out of the context of what it has been trained on. As I said earlier AI is work in progress and you cannot rely 100% on AI as it may produce low quality or wrong result so employers are not betting on AI tools for now.

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